Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much do you charge for your services? Please refer to my Process & Pricing Page in order to get a better idea of how I price my services. Some services require individualized quotes, especially murals which depend on size of area desired to be painted, colors required and detail of painting.
  2. Are you willing to travel outside your area? Yes. I work mainly in the south-eastern United States, however, I am willing to travel throughout the U.S. as long as travel expenses are provided. If you live outside of a 20 mile radius of my studio, a fuel rate will be added to the total quote. All travel expenses must be supplied by the client and arrangements must be made in advance. These can include fuel, airfare or rental vehicle, hotel and food.
  3. I noticed on your Portraits Page it says you do individual portraits. Will you also do group portraits? Individual portraits are meant to celebrate the life and character of an individual. Group portraits celebrate friendships and family, but require more time and layout. I prefer to do individual portraits but will consider group portraits. However, there is no discount for multiple subjects unless commissioning acrylic or oil paintings. Additional fees may be incurred for sizing purposes.
  4. Do you require a deposit? Yes. A 50% deposit of total production value is due to hold your spot on my calendar and before I begin work on your piece. Please see my Processes & Pricing Page for further details.
  5. When you do a live event painting, is the client able to take home the painting immediately after the event?  If you commission an acrylic painting, the dry-to-touch time is 15-30 minutes. It can be taken home afterwards, however, it is suggested that you wait 24 hours for complete drying to frame.

    Oil paintings are quite different. I use a alkyd medium to speed the dry time decreasing it to 1-5 days for dry-to-touch. Still, you should understand that oils can take several months to completely dry and if you want a varnish to be applied you will have to wait quite a long time. However, you can still frame the painting after a week if you like.

    You can take the painting home after the event but please note that any damage incurred to the painting in this event is the sole responsibility of the patron. Once it is in your hands, it is no longer my responsibility. This being said, I strongly suggest allowing me to store the painting for a week before pick up. I am also available to accompany my patrons to choose framing and if you choose to have a reveal party, I will be happy to store it during the time leading up to the party

    Once you pay for the piece in full it is yours do so as you please. Just an FYI, once you frame a painting, the frame is then considered part of the artwork, it shouldn't be removed, as removal could also incur damages to the artwork. So choose your frame wisely. Frame according to style of painting and I suggest going with something classic. I am available to accompany all my patrons to the frame shop and aide in their framing selection. 
  6. How long will you store a painting? This is a question that may arise more for a patrons  who unexpectedly experience a time of financial hardship or may be travelling and cannot pick up their painting when it is complete. Since the full remaining balance is due upon completion.

    In this scenario, I will store your painting for up to 1 month. After 1 month, a storage fee will be incurred at 10% of the painting's value each month afterwards, up to 6 months. If the painting is not picked up after 6 months, the original will be listed for sale on my website. 
  7. If I cannot pay my remaining balance on my painting due to financial hardship, do I get my deposit back? No. When you pay your non-refundable deposit, you are hiring me to do the work you commission and that includes the cost of supplies to create the artwork, and many working hours of my time that could be spent on another patron's project. That non-refundable deposit pays for your calendar space and time working on the project and you will not get it back.
  8. If I am not satisfied with my painting do I get my deposit back? No.
    I work closely with my patrons to ensure that the painting will be to their specifications and liking. A serious patron understands that artistic interpretations differ from person to person. When you sign the contract to commission you are agreeing to this understanding.

    If you are not satisfied with the painting, it is recommended that you disclose this information to me when we meet for the reveal. I do wish to have satisfied patrons who will give me referrals and good reviews, and because of this I will be happy to continue working on the piece to form it more to your liking at no additional charge. However, please keep in mind that we do not share a brain and paintings are subject to the artist's interpretation.
  9. Can I make multiple lower payments on my project? Before a project can be schedule, a 50% deposit will be due to hold your spot and to begin work. After this, you may make smaller payments on the piece until it is paid in full if it makes it easier on you. You will receive the artwork once the balance has been paid in full.
  10. Do you charge sales tax? Yes. My Tiffany Pippin Fine Art is registered with the state of Florida and must charge sales tax on goods sold. Although I do provide a service, my service results in a physical end product and I am required by law to charge sales tax. Please expect this to be added to the remaining balance of your commission. It is not listed as part of the pricing on each artwork, b/c I do not require it to begin service and is not required by law on deposits for services. However, once I hand over the piece to you, it moves from the area of service to goods sold.
  11. Where is your studio? My studio is located in my home. I usually do not meet my patrons at my studio due to the fact that it is my private residence and I don't want just anyone popping by. If I need to schedule a meeting in person with my patrons, I am able to meet at a designated public place, their residence or place of business. Please refer to my Processes & Pricing Page for more information on this. There may be an occasion that I will meet a patron at my studio.

Have more questions? Please go to my Contact Page and fill out the form and I will reply within 24 hours. Thank you!