Celebrate Life's Moments

With timeless heirlooms that will be treasured for generations.

"The finished product was more beautiful than I could have imagined." - Kelli Roselle



My name is Tiffany Pippin and I'm an artist, designer, wife and mother. I am a NW Florida native and hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of West Florida. I am located in the Pensacola, FL area. I believe that my southern background and heritage play a strong role in my artwork. I create custom personal pieces for my patrons as well as original works and renditions. My love for art goes back as far as I can remember. In college, I double-majored in art and music/voice before moving wholeheartedly into art. However, I still have a deep love of music and write frequently, as well as use this skill in my video artwork and projects. I work in studio art and digital art practices and have worked in graphic design for over 6 years either in freelance or marketing. The skills I learned in marketing have helped me develop my own business and I enjoy being able to create graphics for my own endeavors as well as for others.


We all know that life is fleeting and the moments we have with each other are precious. My mission is to capture these moments in time through artistic expression. I do this through a variety of mediums and outlets including portraits, events paintings, memorial paintings.

I work with patrons and collectors who wish to celebrate life's cherished moments through custom fine art portraits of their children, pets, or loved ones passed. Together we create paintings that tell the story of a life. I work very hard to ensure that each work portrays the spirit and life of the person or animal.

To celebrate an event, such as a wedding or birthday, or a special place cherished by my patrons, live event, onsite or photo-rendition paintings can be done. These capture the atmosphere, life and energy of the event or place of interest such as a landscape, childhood home or location that tells the story of a special moment in time. A major part of my process is listening to the my patrons and then using my abilities to portray those stories with the beauty and care they deserve.

For patrons wishing to illuminate their space with custom artwork, I create custom hand-painted murals. Clients who wish to bring a space to life can have a magical wonderland created for their children to dwell, beach or coastal scenes added to their pool area, or a tropical paradise in their Florida room. Your imagination is the limit! Call or email me today to book your project. You will be so glad you did!


  • Murals
  • Portraits
  • Pet Portraits
  • Memorial Paintings
  • Location/Landscape Paintings
  • Custom artwork of places and spaces
  • Live Event Paintings (created on-site at your event)
  • Event Paintings from photographs
  • Animated Explainer Videos and Motion Graphics
  • Illustrations (books, manuals, how-to's)
  • Graphics (for web and print)

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