Celebrate the Life
of a Loved One

Each portrait is created to celebrate the personality and importance of each child or loved one. I create charcoal, pastel, tempera, acrylic and oil portraits.

Select a subject for portrait commission:

  • Children's Portrait (3 mos-10) 
  • Pastoral Portrait (bust and half length)
  • Memorial Portrait (of loved one passed)
  • Individual or Group Portrait (Group Portrait rates are per face)
  • Pet Portrait (bust and full length, image must be reviewed for half-lengths)

Charcoal Sizes and Pricing:

  • Bust – 9" x 12" –  $75 + tax
  • Half Length – 11" x 14"  –  $125 + tax
  • Full Length – 18" x 24"  –  $175 + tax

Available on tan, gray or white fine art paper. Charcoals can be completed within 24 hours.*

Acrylic Sizes and Pricing:

  • Bust (head to shoulders) – 20"h x 16"w  –  $550 + tax
  • Half Length (head to waist, with hands) – 28"h x 22"w  –  $750 + tax
  • Full Length (head to toe) – 36"h x 24"w  –  $950 + tax

Acrylics can be completed within 1 week to a month.*

Oil on Stretched Canvas Sizes and Pricing:

  • Bust (head to shoulders) – 20"h x 16"w  –  $850 + tax
  • Half Length (head to waist, with hands) – 28"h x 22"w  –  $1200 + tax
  • Full Length (head to toe) – 36"h x 24"w  –  $1500 + tax

Oils can be completed within 1-2 months. Times may vary with larger paintings. *

*Completion of paintings is determined from start date. Longer wait times may occur depending on your project's start date on my calendar.

**More sizing options are available upon request

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Bust - Choose profile view, full face view, or 3/4 view. Focuses on subject's head and top of shoulders with little background, emphasizing subject's facial expression.

  • Profile View - Depicts face's physical form from a side view angle.
  • Full Face View - Depicts full face describing every detail, sometimes slightly angled.
  • 3/4 View - Mid-way between profile view and full face view.

Half Length - Upper body from waist up, with hands and some supporting background, focusing on facial expression combined with personal hand gesture characteristics.
Full Length - Full body, including background giving some contextual significance to portrait. (Full length portraits can include items in background that are significant to the subject, i.e. a piano, tricycle, fishing items, musical instrument.)


  1. Please fill out the contact form to schedule a consultation with the best time to call, or call my business line.
  2. During our phone consultation we can determine what you need and whether to move forward.
  3. If you are commissioning a children's portrait, please note that I prefer to meet with you and the child and photograph the child personally.
  4. For reference photos, please provide a signed release from the photographer.
  5. To book your project a 50% deposit must be submitted along with a signed contract to hire (this can be emailed with electronic signature).
  6. Project will be scheduled on calendar and started on calendar date. You can expect to see your project finished within the timeframes listed above after the start date.
  7. Delivery of your project or schedule a reveal party.