AngelTrax Explainer Videos

AngelTrax needed explainer videos for their website that would introduce the company to their potential clientele and viewers. From storyboard sketches to digital illustration to animation, I took the content and created company videos that would round out the image and brand to appeal to a wider audience.


Who Is AngelTrax?

This is the first in a series of promotional videos I've been working on for the IVS, AngelTrax company. I was given a script that I drew up in a storyboard, created the illustrations in Adobe Illustrator CC, imported to AfterEffects CC where I put in the voice over done by American Creative (thanks guys), synced and edited and exported into what you see here. Enjoy!

What Problem Do We Solve?

This is the second in a series of promotional videos created for IVS, AngeTrax.

How Are We Different?

“How Are We Different?” is the third video in the AngelTrax explainer series which ventures to explore the ways in which AngelTrax differs from their competition.

Student Transit

The fourth video in a series of promotional videos for IVS, AngelTrax. Script in hand I started on the storyboard, moved it over to Illustrator, individualized each scene, imported into AfterEffects and animated. Brought the exported movie into Premiere Pro, added audio, synchronized, edited and exported to show you what you see here. I love doing this!

Mass Transit

I started creating storyboard sketches for the Mass Transit video upon reading the script. After completing the storyboard for approval, I created digital illustrations using Adobe Illustrator CC. After which I imported the Illustrator files into After Effects. I created the animations in After Effects and then transfer to Adobe Premiere Pro to add the voiceover and sound effects and make any necessary modifications, then export as a final video.